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Skill Swop

This is where you can post requests for skills you need in exchange for skills you have. This feature is available to all. If you are registered on the site, simply log in and post.

I'm offering A Reconnective Healing Session

In return for Spreading the word

I'm offering Three homeopathic consultations over two months

In return for Client referrals for homeopathy, Reiki and/or Natural Facelift Massage

I'm offering One session to free yourself from any suffering from abuse, miscarriage, abortion, incest, violence.

In return for a massage, some help to boost my website, a video testimonial, ...

I'm offering 2 hour IT training session in Word, Excel or PowerPoint

In return for Marketing advice

I'm offering 6 life-coaching sessions

In return for A full portfolio!

I'm offering Colour, Style or Wardrobe De-clutter consultation(s)

In return for Logo design for a re-brand

I'm offering Pension Review

In return for Help attracting clients, user Twitter to best effect

I'm offering A free electric guitar lesson

In return for you finding me a potential student

I'm offering An Access BARS session

In return for Surprise - any type of body work, energy work

I'm offering Physiotherapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy or NLP coaching

In return for Help with learning to blog, use twitter and facebook OR any holistic treatments/1:1 yoga

I'm offering Extra Income (25% of the transaction created by you for Bold).

In return for Introducing guests and/or members to Bold training club.

I'm offering Jewellery

In return for Flyer Design and/or Logo Tweaking

I'm offering FacialTreatments

In return for setting up Facebook website

I'm offering sewing and design

In return for google ads teaching

I'm offering private make up lesson

In return for singing lesson

I'm offering Reiki treatment or BACH flower remedies

In return for social media guidance

I'm offering HR advice

In return for Marketing advice

I'm offering Executive Coaching

In return for Marketing advice/conversation

I'm offering energy saving house check

In return for marketing

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